Monday, November 11, 2013

* 2013/2014 Winter Alley Plowing*

Well now that a little snow has hit the ground, its time to think about winter in Wisconsin.

My name is Peter July. I live at 2164 N 51st Street.  I have made arrangements with Volmer Plowing to plow our alley between Hi Mount and 51st Street this winter. We have used their services since 2010 and everyone seems satisfied with their work.  The company also plows the alley between 51st Street and 52nd Street and they have been satisfied with their services for years. 
As you probably know, the city does not plow the alleys. However it is important to keep them clear so that garbage can be picked up regularly.

I would like to thank everyone who donated last year.  I collected enough money to cover the cost of plowing and sent Frankie a small tip.   I am again asking for donations for plowing this winter.  A donation of $20 per single family household or $10 per duplex unit will cover the costs for a single winter. 

Due to several questions last year, I would like to add some information.  I go door to door for donations and am unable to contact land lords that do no live on our block to contribute.  It would be great if all of us are able to contribute this year. 

Frankie Volmer will plow the alley when the snow reaches 3 inches. If you have any questions concerning the plowing please feel free to contact Frankie at 414-616-6364. I have called her in the past when it got a little icy and she came by the next day.

If I missed you, please place your donation in the mail slot in my front door..

Thank you for your help!

Peter July
2164 N 51st Street

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Block Party

The 51st Street Block Party is scheduled for Saturday September 21, 2013.
More details to follow