Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wonderful Neighbors on 51st street!!!

Hi everyone. As you all know we were hit with nearly 2 feet of snow today/overnight (2/2). Well I just couldn't let this opportunity pass without mentioning how wonderful all the neighbors are on North 51st Street. You should have seen everyone come together and help each other out! I would like to especially note Peter July & Liz Humphery, they've always been great neighbors, but today they went beyond the call of duty!!!!! Also Sarah and Mike from across the street and Peter and Liz's tenant Mike who shoveled out our elderly neighbors, Marco & Rada. It is a "Blessing" to live on a block with such wonderful people. All up & down the block neighbors came together and made this a beautiful day!!!! Great Job everybody, 51streeters are the BEST!!!!!

Yes, let's please schedule our next meeting.