Sunday, May 1, 2011

Block Watch Meeting, Ice Cream Social, & Raffle Thursday June 16

The meeting will be held in Kim White's beautiful back yard (2151).

We are going to do the meeting in two stages:

1) Meet at Kim's at 6pm and then go door to door to invite folks over for some Ice Cream and Socializing.

2) Go back to Kim's and eat Ice Cream, socialize, and win some fabulous prizes.

For further details about the Ice Cream please contact Katie Holliday:

For more details about the Raffle please contact Paul Zettel:


There will be more to come in future post from them.

51st Street Block Party Tentatively Scheduled Saturday September 17th

Save the date everyone. Eileen Asbell is sending in the request for a permit.

More details to follow.