Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 2010 Minutes

  1. Eric suggested creating a flyer to inform neighbors of pressing issues and invite them to the next block watch meeting. i.e. porch lights to help make our block safer at night.
  2. Katie suggested contacting department of neighborhood services to trim trees to help street light efficacy.
  3. Pete said he knows people at DNS he will talk to them this fall.
  4. Eileen passed a petition for the September 11 block party if you haven't sighed it please contact Eileen
  5. Officer Kong handed out Neighborhood Crime Watch placards
  6. More discussion of phone tree, Mike and Sarah have it in the works. get on the list
  7. Liz addressed concerns of litter on the block, if you see litter pick it up. If things don't improve we'll send a flyer out for September meeting.
  8. Trisha recommended that if you need help with lawn care or the like contact St. Sebastian's School. Their students need to fill service hour requirements.
  9. Liz invited everyone to the Area 3 block Party at the Community Garden on 49th Street
  10. Agenda for next meeting: Block Party details
  11. Next meeting will be held August 4 at Kim and Brian's.


  1. No problem, it was kinda fun.

  2. This blog is beautiful. I don't remember who came up with the idea, but someone suggested that we think of a positive slogan/sign for our block (River West uses something about diversity). I would love to have this on the agenda for next meeting. We could put a few pennies together and have little signs made for each lawn - I'm thinking about themes of unity, diversity, etc.
    Pat (2142)